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It's easy with slimdx. Just register the device and the event:

SharpDX.RawInput.Device.RegisterDevice(UsagePage.Generic, UsageId.GenericKeyboard, SharpDX.RawInput.DeviceFlags.None);
SharpDX.RawInput.Device.KeyboardInput += new System.EventHandler<KeyboardInputEventArgs>(Device_KeyboardInput);

But this won't work with SharpDX. Device_KeyboardInput isn't called when I use the suggested renderloop:

RenderLoop.Run(renderForm, () =>

It's work somehow (mouse works, but keyboard not really) when I add Application.DoEvents() to the loop. DoEvents() should not be used when I interpret this slimdx tutorial right. The sharpdx RawInput works only with a normal window like it is used in the sharpdx rawinput example.

How can I use RawInput with SharpDX with a RenderLoop?

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It was a bug by SharpDX and it's fixed now: http://code.google.com/p/sharpdx/source/detail?r=5b80d6dea7f8

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