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Say I have a hash:

1 => 1
2 => abc
3 => xyz

In Perl, how can I give a string like 211, and get all the possible combinations according to that hash: abc11, 1abc1, 11abc etc...

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That's a hash, not a list. – Matt Fenwick Jan 30 '12 at 21:39
possible duplicate:… – Richard Jan 30 '12 at 21:45
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There are several list permutation modules on CPAN, many in the question linked above: How can I generate all permutations of an array in Perl?

Using the List::Permutor module:

my $template = 211;

my %strings = (
    1 => 1,
    2 => 'abc',
    3 => 'xyz',

use List::Permutor ();

my $perm = List::Permutor->new(split //, $template);

my %seen;
while (my @set = $perm->next) {
    my $str = join '' => @strings{@set};
    say $str unless $seen{$str}++;

which prints:


Do note that you will have problems using bare numbers in your template if you go beyond the keys 0 .. 9. (does 10 mean 10 or 1,0...). You should probably change your template to have a record separator.

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You could try something like, get the digits from the string, and loop and build the string :

my @digits = ($str =~ /(\d)/g);
my $val;
foreach (@digits) {
    # %values holds key/value pairs
    $val .= $values{$_};
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