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We working under software which depends on set of external libraries. Two of them developed in-house by our company and they are under heavy development and tuning too. So sometimes such list of dependencies create problems, when core application referenced on outdated external libraries. As a temporary solution we decided to include into commit of applications binary versions of libraries. But this doesn't looks very nice for me. I am sure that we not only one company who has such problems:) Which approaches you using?

Our application stack: Java, NetBeans, Subversion, ant

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Ah as much as I like Ant (I contributed several tasks to it), I think these days gradle paired with a maven repository manager such as Artifactory or Nexus would be of help to you. What you do then, is publish your binaries to the repository, and declare them as dependencies in your gradle build.

Gradle: http://gradle.org/

Artifactory: http://www.jfrog.com/products.php/

Nexus: http://nexus.sonatype.org/

I've recently moved to a team that is doing this and the dependency resolution of gradle is extremely useful. Maven will likely be suggested by someone, but that's a much more difficult transition than gradle IMHO. You can still invoke use your legacy Ant scripts from gradle during the transition.

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