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Is there a JavaScript way to pass custom data to a manually created JavaScript event?

Ok, let's say i got this code to create and trigger a JavaScript event:

var evObj = document.createEvent('HTMLEvents');
evObj.initEvent('submit', bubbling, cancelable);

This works fine and can be handled by using this code:

document.addEventListener('submit', mySubmitEventHandler, true);

But, i need a way to pass additional data to the event, so that mySubmitEventHandler knows whether the event was fired by a user or by JavaScript event creation as shown above. A boolean value would be sufficient.

So, how can i add something like "myEvent = true" to the newly created evObj?

And please no jQuery answers, i need to do this one in pure JavaScript.

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Attach the parameter to evObj.

evObj.flag = 'Hi!';

This code demonstrates that the event object passed by dispatchEvent is equal to the one in the event listener (Live demo):

var evObj = document.createEvent('HTMLEvents');
document.body.addEventListener('test', function(e){ alert(e === evObj); },true);
evObj.initEvent('test', true, true);
document.body.dispatchEvent(evObj); // Shows alert, "true"
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So easy that it hurts! Thanks alot :) –  Alp Jan 30 '12 at 22:24

your evObj it's a normal object you can add any data as a property of the object like evObj.myData = "blablabla"; and then read the data in the listener

Hope this helps

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