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I've been digging into EmberJS for one day :).

I've followed several examples. Some examples used ArrayProxy while others used ArrayController. I looked at the unminified source code and..guess what...Ember.ArrayController is simply extending Ember.ArrayProxy, but there's no extra methods or features in ArrayController.

So..my question is..why do we have two same classes?

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There is no difference between the two classes.

It's for all of us who are coming from SproutCore 0.9.x, 1.x and early SproutCore 2 betas and were just use to the name ArrayController I think. I'd recommend using ArrayProxy in case the core team decides to depreciate the one line of code that makes ArrayController possible :-)

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Yep. ember.js has this very line: "Ember.ArrayController = Ember.ArrayProxy.extend();" – Tyson Feb 4 '12 at 18:01

From Ember's API Docs:

Note: As of this writing, ArrayController does not add any functionality to its superclass, ArrayProxy. The Ember team plans to add additional controller-specific functionality in the future, e.g. single or multiple selection support. If you are creating something that is conceptually a controller, use this class.

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