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I am not understanding how to add a webpage inside the tabbed panel so that when I select a tab the webpage should display in there. I am trying to use UiBinder in GWT. I have 3 pages Page1.java, Page2.java and Page2.ui.xml. Page1.java contains a TabPanel with 3 tab indexes, so on the index(0) of the tabPanel I want Page2.java to be displayed. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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You just add widgets to the TabPanel in order of the tabs. So if you want to have the widget from Page2.java (which I am assuming is a Composite widget) to be displayed in the TabPanel with, say, a tab text of "Page 2" you would do the following (in Page1.java):

TabPanel panel = new TabPanel();
panel.add(new Page2(), "Page 2");

For more details and examples I recommend you read the documentation on the TabPanel.

It's also worth mentioning from the documentation:

This widget will only work in quirks mode. If your application is in Standards Mode, use TabLayoutPanel instead.

So if your host page declaration looks like this: <!DOCTYPE html> which means you are in Standards Mode, you should be using the TabLayoutPanel widget.

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With the Ui Binder, you could do it like this:

    <g:Tab text="Page 2">
        <app:Page2 />
    <g:Tab text="Page 3">
        <app:Page3 />

Inside the tab panel you can place as many tabs as you want. Inside the tab you can place a widget, composite or some panel.

The <app:xxx> tag you define in the <ui:UiBinder> tag at the top of the zzz.ui.xml and could look like this: xmlns:app="urn:import:com.yourproject.package". So every class which lies in this package (and extends Composite (or similar)) can be used in the ui binder this way.

Also see the GWT documentation of the Ui Binder: http://code.google.com/webtoolkit/doc/2.2/DevGuideUiBinder.html

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