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I have a straight forward has_many through relationship in my RoR3.2.1 application. The only change is that I'm using a different foreign / primary key as I'm working with a legacy database.

For some reason, when I create a new record, the values save in the wrong fields. Groupname saves into username and vice versa.

My radusers have many radgroups through radusergroups. My join table has columns username and groupname.


has_many :radusergroup, :dependent => :destroy, :foreign_key => :groupname, :primary_key => :username
has_many :radgroup, :through => :radusergroup


has_many :radusergroup, :dependent => :destroy
has_many :raduser, :through => :radusergroup


belongs_to :raduser, :primary_key => :username
belongs_to :radgroup, :primary_key => :groupname, :foreign_key => :username

I have this in my form:

- Radgroup.all.each do |radgroup|
  = check_box_tag "raduser[radgroup_ids][]", radgroup.id, @raduser.radgroup.include?(radgroup), :id => "raduser_radgroup_id_#{radgroup.id}"
  = radgroup.groupname

When I hit save, my records save the wrong way around:

INSERT INTO `radusergroup` (`groupname`, `id`, `priority`, `username`) VALUES ('username1233', NULL, 1, 'groupname123')

And the table:

| username         | groupname    | priority | id |
| groupname123     | username1233 |        1 |  1 |

Anyone out there able to help with this?


actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_controller/metal/hide_actions.rb:36:in `visible_action?'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_controller/metal/hide_actions.rb:18:in `method_for_action'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_controller/metal/implicit_render.rb:14:in `method_for_action'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_controller/metal/compatibility.rb:61:in `method_for_action'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/abstract_controller/base.rb:115:in `process'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/abstract_controller/rendering.rb:45:in `process'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_controller/metal.rb:203:in `dispatch'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_controller/metal/rack_delegation.rb:14:in `dispatch'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_controller/metal.rb:246:in `block in action'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_dispatch/routing/route_set.rb:66:in `call'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_dispatch/routing/route_set.rb:66:in `dispatch'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_dispatch/routing/route_set.rb:30:in `call'
journey (1.0.1) lib/journey/router.rb:68:in `block in call'
journey (1.0.1) lib/journey/router.rb:56:in `each'
journey (1.0.1) lib/journey/router.rb:56:in `call'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_dispatch/routing/route_set.rb:589:in `call'
warden (1.1.0) lib/warden/manager.rb:35:in `block in call'
warden (1.1.0) lib/warden/manager.rb:34:in `catch'
warden (1.1.0) lib/warden/manager.rb:34:in `call'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_dispatch/middleware/best_standards_support.rb:17:in `call'
rack (1.4.1) lib/rack/etag.rb:23:in `call'
rack (1.4.1) lib/rack/conditionalget.rb:25:in `call'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_dispatch/middleware/head.rb:14:in `call'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_dispatch/middleware/params_parser.rb:21:in `call'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_dispatch/middleware/flash.rb:242:in `call'
rack (1.4.1) lib/rack/session/abstract/id.rb:205:in `context'
rack (1.4.1) lib/rack/session/abstract/id.rb:200:in `call'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_dispatch/middleware/cookies.rb:338:in `call'
activerecord (3.2.1) lib/active_record/query_cache.rb:64:in `call'
activerecord (3.2.1) lib/active_record/connection_adapters/abstract/connection_pool.rb:443:in `call'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_dispatch/middleware/callbacks.rb:28:in `block in call'
activesupport (3.2.1) lib/active_support/callbacks.rb:405:in `_run__2911347278127141110__call__2925805972906996448__callbacks'
activesupport (3.2.1) lib/active_support/callbacks.rb:405:in `__run_callback'
activesupport (3.2.1) lib/active_support/callbacks.rb:385:in `_run_call_callbacks'
activesupport (3.2.1) lib/active_support/callbacks.rb:81:in `run_callbacks'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_dispatch/middleware/callbacks.rb:27:in `call'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_dispatch/middleware/reloader.rb:65:in `call'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_dispatch/middleware/remote_ip.rb:31:in `call'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_dispatch/middleware/debug_exceptions.rb:16:in `call'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_dispatch/middleware/show_exceptions.rb:56:in `call'
railties (3.2.1) lib/rails/rack/logger.rb:26:in `call_app'
railties (3.2.1) lib/rails/rack/logger.rb:16:in `call'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_dispatch/middleware/request_id.rb:22:in `call'
rack (1.4.1) lib/rack/methodoverride.rb:21:in `call'
rack (1.4.1) lib/rack/runtime.rb:17:in `call'
activesupport (3.2.1) lib/active_support/cache/strategy/local_cache.rb:72:in `call'
rack (1.4.1) lib/rack/lock.rb:15:in `call'
actionpack (3.2.1) lib/action_dispatch/middleware/static.rb:53:in `call'
railties (3.2.1) lib/rails/engine.rb:479:in `call'
railties (3.2.1) lib/rails/application.rb:220:in `call'
rack (1.4.1) lib/rack/content_length.rb:14:in `call'
railties (3.2.1) lib/rails/rack/log_tailer.rb:14:in `call'
rack (1.4.1) lib/rack/handler/webrick.rb:59:in `service'
/usr/local/lib/ruby/1.9.1/webrick/httpserver.rb:111:in `service'
/usr/local/lib/ruby/1.9.1/webrick/httpserver.rb:70:in `run'
/usr/local/lib/ruby/1.9.1/webrick/server.rb:183:in `block in start_thread'


_csrf_token: "YepneklJ9OWdmKHVVclxGzrg5ECbk11a9B3tJJtoECU="
session_id: "8cec81c93085d17dc744f1a44a7054b6"
warden.user.user.key: ["User", [1], "$2a$10$J.oF0HRrE0PokqkQ2S4gwO"]
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I believe there is no :primary_key option for associations. That has to be defined within the class. Can you try changing your classes to this:


primary_key :username

has_many :radusergroup, :dependent => :destroy, :foreign_key => :username
has_many :radgroup, :through => :radusergroup


primary_key :groupname

has_many :radusergroup, :dependent => :destroy, :foreign_key => :radgroup
has_many :raduser, :through => :radusergroup


belongs_to :raduser, :foreign_key => :username
belongs_to :radgroup, :foreign_key => :groupname
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Thanks. That makes sense - having tried this though I get an errro: undefined method `key?' for nil:NilClass. – simonmorley Jan 31 '12 at 7:59
Can you print the stack trace? – fkreusch Jan 31 '12 at 11:05
Have just updated the question. – simonmorley Jan 31 '12 at 23:05
Hold on, it's now happening for all pages, not just add new raduser... – simonmorley Jan 31 '12 at 23:09

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