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This does not work:

List<byte[]> byteArrayList = .... ;
Collections.binarySearch(byteArrayList, new ByteArrayComparator());

because byte[] does not extend Comparable. Why isn't it enough that a Comparator is provided? Any tricks?

Ups, error, i was sure I had the search term inside...

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As it stands, you're searching the list of byte arrays for a comparator. It looks like you're calling the wrong binarySearch method, i.e. this instead of this.

Try this:

List<byte[]> byteArrayList = .... ;
byte[] valueToFind = .... ;
int index = Collections.binarySearch(byteArrayList,
                                     new ByteArrayComparator());
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ah, damn, just had forgotten the search key... thanks anyway –  ib84 Feb 1 '12 at 8:40

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