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How can i manage the memory for the following situation?

Bitmap bitmap = myBitmapProvider.getBitmap();

Based on my understanding this would cause a memory leak (And yes I am getting out of memory crashes) // I tried the following code but it crasshed the app because the bitmap is in-use by my ImageView, so what is the correct solution\?

bitmap = null;
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I'm guessing you are either creating a lot of those bitmaps or just one large one. If it is just one large one you should check out this post on downsampling images for displaying on the screen:

If your creating a lot of them maybe check out this article:

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This is the best way to manage Bitmap and Memory in android app. Please follow these steps:

Bitmap and Memory mgmt

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It is often a good idea to summarise the important points in your answer, rather than just providing a link (because the link may break, the contents of the linked to site may change, etc.). – jochen Nov 16 '15 at 9:38

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