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I am currently creating a script to synchronize users from our company's website onto sugarcrm.

I'm using this REST API to communicated with SugarCRM (the answer is not necessarely on this library, I understand how REST works):

The synchronization is mostly working except I need to also synchronise email opt outs. And the opt_out option doesn't seem to be a normal field.

How can I find out via REST if a Contact I'm fetching is opt_out or not ?
Also how can I set a Contact to be or not opt out ?

Thank you

PS: I want to do it via REST API, not via accessing the database, which isn't clean.

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Check out this blog post for some clues on how to do this:

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Thank you! Any idea on how to change if its opt-in or opt-out on a Contact via REST or SOAP ? – xtrimsky Jan 31 '12 at 19:56
Actually I figured it out myself. I fetched the 'id' field of email address as shown in your link. And then I send a "set" request to update the module EmailAddresses and set opt_out to 1 or 0. – xtrimsky Jan 31 '12 at 20:34

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