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I want to disable or hide Back button in QWizard dialog. How can I do it?

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worked for me (in PyQt4).

This effectively hides the back button again on every wizard page, but it achieves the desired effect.

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I've looked at Qt's sources and found out that it's possible to hide Back button by creating custom button layout and ommiting Back button in the list:

  QList<QWizard::WizardButton> button_layout;
  button_layout << QWizard::HelpButton << QWizard::Stretch <<
                   QWizard::NextButton << QWizard::CustomButton1 <<

I hope this will save some time to somebody.


AFAIU to avoid using QTimer it is needed to modify QWizard source code. The easies way will be to add a virtual function virtual void buttonsUpdated(); and call it from the end of QWizard's: void QWizardPrivate::_q_updateButtonStates() Then reimplement this buttonsUpdated() in your QWizard sublass and disable Back button there.

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you can take QWizard::BackButton at anytime with QWizrad::button ( WizardButton which ) const and hide/disable it at anytime –  Kamil Klimek Jan 31 '12 at 21:38
did you check it yourself? I checked it on 4.7.4 and it didn't work that simple –  geotavros Jan 31 '12 at 22:00

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