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How do you determine the line height (in pixels) of the text in a Spark Label?

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keyle's answer will only give you the height of the text, not the actual 'lineHeight' style. You can easily get that style like this:


The problem is that this can return a relative value (a percentage) or an absolute value (in pixels). The default - if no lineHeight was explicitely set - is "120%".

So here's how we can get the value in pixels in both cases:

var lineHeightStyle:* = myLabel.getStyle("lineHeight");

//its already a value in pixels
if (lineHeightStyle is Number) var lineHeight:Number = lineHeightStyle;
//it's a relative value: let's calculate
else {
    var lineMetrics:TextLineMetrics = myLabel.measureText(myLabel.text);
    //get the numeric value from the string and divide it by 100
    var ratio:Number = int(lineHeightStyle.match(/\d+/)[0]) / 100;
    lineHeight = lineMetrics.height * ratio;
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Have you tried the following?

var lineMetrics:TextLineMetrics = label.measureText(label.text);
var result:Number = lineMetrics.height;
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