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I am creating a db for my family to use. We use both win & Linux on our network (cannot get her to completely get rid of win yet). What would be a good DBMS to use & create the db with?

edit: I am wanting to improve my db skills in the 3 db classes I had a few yrs ago, 2 ms accsess & 1 sql server. I have been creating tables on paper to make sure I get the relationships right. I was wanting to make it fully functional.

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It would be good if you can specify your question:

  • What do you want to do with the database?
  • Do you only have one database on a home server / web server or a single instance on each computer?
  • How much data must the database be able to hold?

I think you can use SQLite or MySQL, depends on your use-case.

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Depend on what is your requirement. Do you need simple database with basic UI that people can use right away or full feature database.

For basic stuff you can use LibreOffice's Base, which is like MS Access. Next up you can use SQLite, and for more features you can use MySQL or PostGreSQL.

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