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i'm using formtastic i have the following

before_filter :get_client, :except => [:index,:create]

private def get_client @client = params[:id].present? ? Client.find(params[:id]) : Client.new end

and an action def new end

the view is as follows

%h1 New Client %p -semantic_form_for [:admin,@client] do |f| =f.inputs =f.buttons

and i have ran the migration through rake db:migrate

The form dose not show


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I believe there is something wrong with formtastic and haml because when i used erb instead it worked just fine –  Wael Said Emara Jan 31 '12 at 0:46

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%p -semantic_form_for 

Should be changed to this:

%p =semantic_form_for

Notice the "=".

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