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Doing the standard file upload technique of creating a FormData and using append to put the rawFile from the input in the FormData.

The issue is when I look at, I see one thing (the same thing I see in the file explorer), and when I look at what is sent on the request in the form, the file name has a .zip appended on the end of it. That is not unexpected, because the file being uploaded is really a zip, even though the extension is not zip...

Is there any way to see the filename in the FormData object?

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Currently, according to MDN:

If you specify a Blob as the data to append to the FormData object, the filename that will be reported to the server in the "Content-Disposition" header will vary from browser to browser

Your best best is to specify the filename manually, by providing a third argument to .append(), though it's not clear if every browser supports this yet. See the FormData spec. You can get the filename from name property of the File object that you're about to upload.

See also: Changing filename in BlobBuilder to be passed as FormData on XHR

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