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I am just starting out learning to build interfaces, but the book I am following is a little dated and it says that Xcode should create it for me with my new project, however it didn't. So now I need to link my buttons to my app delegate, but I can't because it isn't showing up when I right click on my buttons. And yes, I did define my methods and instance variables.

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Xcode very much will create a MainWindow.xib if you choose Cocoa Application as the project type. Check to make sure you aren't either creating an iOS project or a command-line tool... both can be easy to accidentally select when you are just starting to learn.

(FYI, I just verified in Xcode 4.2.1 that a MainWindow.xib was created for me.)

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Ah whoops, that was the problem. So now I have a small side question. The book I am using is a tutorial for iOS, and that is what I meant (was in a bit of a rush so I forgot to add that). Does iOS still offer the MainWindow.xib? Or is it different now (this book is iOS 4, not iOS 5, it is a year old). –  David Jan 31 '12 at 3:32
Ah. No, MainWindow.xib is not needed anymore (strictly speaking, it wasn't ever needed). You just create views for view controllers. There is a UIWindow method (setRootViewController:) that is used as part of the bootstrapping process to make this all work, but you needn't worry about this if you are just beginning. Use any of the non-empty project templates and just modify the .xibs that Xcode will create and hook up automatically for you. –  Conrad Shultz Jan 31 '12 at 3:37
Also, really, get a newer book. Both Xcode and the APIs have changed quite a bit in the recent past, and you don't want to have to deal with this kind of ongoing frustration. $30 will save you a lot of grief. –  Conrad Shultz Jan 31 '12 at 3:39
What would you recommend? I am moving from the Big Nerd Ranch Programming Objective-C to their iOS Programming book, but their new book revision is not due out till March. –  David Jan 31 '12 at 3:40
@Dave Too bad... maybe try to get an advance copy? I'm a big fan of BNR's books. I've also heard good things about Matt Neuburg's iOS book, and he contributes a lot to the cocoa-dev mailing list, so you could take questions right to the source. :-) –  Conrad Shultz Jan 31 '12 at 4:44

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