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Users uploaded two csv files to create nodes for two CCK content types (Delivery Note and Payment), i.e.

 Delivery       Payment
----------     ---------
 Order No.      Order No.
 Recipient      Charge

I would like to create a view as a report for the boss:

 Order No.  Recipient  Charge
 ---------  ---------  -------
  ...        ...        $...
  ...        ...        $...
  ...        ...        $...

Order No. field is unique and both content types.

How's it possible to do it in Drupal's view?

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i believe you are looking for view relationships. check out drupal views relationships for a video tutorial.

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The video shows an example with a reference field (user reference). I'd like to know whether it is possible to do it without such a reference field. –  ohho Feb 1 '12 at 1:58
i guess my issue here is how are you building a relationship between the tables if order no is unique for both tables? IMHO, views can be rather limiting. sometimes its best to write your own query. i believe it was meant to help those who aren't very sql-savvy and build simple sql statements quickly. –  au_stan Feb 3 '12 at 14:37
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I ended up using View Custom Field with a PHP code field to retrive linked result via another view:


$order_no = $data->node_data_field_order_no_field_order_no_value;
if ($order_no) {
  $view = views_get_view('find_cck_node');
  $view->set_arguments(array('PAYMENT', $order_no));
  if (count($view->result)) {
    $value = $view->result[0]->node_data_field_payment_amount_field_payment_amount_value;

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