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Server Sent Events seem like a prime candidate for a jQuery plug-in. Page 921 of JavaScript, the Definitive Guide shows how to use EventSource. But then page 923 says that IE uses attachEvent instead of addEventListener.

I found jQuery.EventSource on github, but there's no mention of attachEvent. It instead falls back to using $.ajax.

Q: If I'm going to use the EventSource feature of JavaScript, should I use jQuery.EventSource?

I gotta have more jQuery!

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There is also github.com/Yaffle/EventSource and github.com/remy/polyfills/blob/master/EventSource.js, but I'm not sure what each does over native EventSource. –  Phillip Jan 31 '12 at 3:31
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As of today IE9 doesn't support EventSource (Server Sent Events). In the good article by Remy Sharp, there is at the end of the article a list of polyfill solutions.

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