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I hope that title made some sense, I know it probably didn't. Anyway... I have a .click() event on a button that calls a .load() on an external html file to load a div with a log in form. The login form needs access to the calling pages loaded Jquery files in order to operate. However, I have to use a global Jquery file and put it in both the calling page and loaded page html files in order for the login form to work so I am calling the same Jquery file twice. Otherwise, the loaded html can't access the calling pages Jquery functions. I haven't found a workaround but is there a way for an external file to access the same file?


However, it can access the calling page's css file, hmmm...

EDIT load code ( doesn't include other unnecessary functions )

$( document ).ready( function() {
 $( ".poster" ).click( function() {
    if( $( ".hidify" ).is( ":visible" ) == true ) {
        $( ".hidify" ).hide();
    } else {
        $( ".hidify" ).load( "../modules/module.postDeal.php" );
        $( ".hidify" ).slideToggle( 400 );

the loaded file ( module.postDeal.php ) is a normal html file with an html5 doctype that needs functions from the above Jquery file.


Jeez sorry for so may edits but I think I know the problem now that I've thought about it for a few hours. I'm using the jq-watermark plugin which on $(document).ready() calls the watermark function to replace the input text with a different class. I think since the document is already loaded, the input change wont take place. So I guess that is the true question here. Can you recall $(document).ready() when you call .load() in an efficient manner that doesn't bog down the load.

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Can't you use a Iframe for your purpose? –  Jayantha Jan 31 '12 at 3:41
Post your .load() code. –  Blender Jan 31 '12 at 3:42

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