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I'm writing a JAX-WS WebService but I am running into a little stumbling block when it comes to extracting information from the SOAP header. My WebService class is annotated with @WebService and I am inject the WebServiceContext into the class with:

private WebServiceContext webServiceContext;

but I'm a little stuck at this point as to how to extract the SOAP header information.

I'm using Spring 3, but haven't seen any methods/util classes there either that would shed some light on the issue. From what I've seen online, I can use getMessageContext() and cast to a SOAPMessageContext, but I see significant numbers of people failing at that level complaining about casting problems with no offered solution.

I have not yet tried it, so before I did, I was wondering if this was the preferred method, or if there is a better technique to use.



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I guess that you can get the SoapMessageContext with a message handler. You can check the response here.

Implementing a SoapMessageHandler like this should work:

public class SoapHeadersHandler implements SOAPHandler<SOAPMessageContext>

  public boolean handleMessage(SOAPMessageContext soapMessageContext)
      Object[] headers = soapMessageContext.getHeaders(...);
    catch (SOAPException e)
      // Handle exception

    return true;

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Thanks. That's exactly what I ended up doing. – Eric B. Feb 9 '12 at 2:48

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