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I have an iphone application that calls the c function getHostByName to resolve a hostname to an ipaddress. This works beautifully once, but fails from then onwards with a host does not exist error. It sounds like I could be getting different results depending on the calling thread as expressed in iPhone DNS resolution, not all A records returned.

The iPhone is using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN software and this works fine (resolves always) over a wifi network, but not over a 3G network under iOs 5+. Under iOs4.3 it would always fail the second time.

Has anyone else experienced weirdness like this? It would seem as though the network/vpn configuration is correct or else it wouldn't work the first time???

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In case anyone looks at this.... The problem was with the Cisco VPN host having a split dns configured - and the default domains not being set properly.

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