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I have a data that looks like this:

id:40108689 --
chr22_scrambled_bysegments:10762459:F : chr22:17852459:F (1.0),
id:40108116 --
chr22_scrambled_bysegments:25375481:F : chr22_scrambled_bysegments:25375481:F (1.0),
chr22_scrambled_bysegments:25375481:F : chr22:19380919:F (1.0),
id:1 --
chr22:21133765:F : chr22:21133765:F (0.0),

So each record is separated by id:[somenumber] --

What's the way to access the data so that we can have a hash of array:

$VAR = { 'id:40108689' => [' chr22_scrambled_bysegments:10762459:F : chr22:17852459:F (1.0),'], 

         'id:40108116' => ['chr22_scrambled_bysegments:25375481:F :chr22_scrambled_bysegments:25375481:F (1.0)',
'chr22_scrambled_bysegments:25375481:F : chr22:19380919:F (1.0),'

I tried to approach this using record separator. But not sure how to generalize it?

    local $/ = " --\n";  # How to include variable content id:[number] ?

    while ($content = <INFILE>) {
      chomp $content;
      print "$content\n" if $content; # Skip empty records
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my $result = {};
my $last_id;
while (my $line = <INFILE>) {
    if ($line =~ /(id:\d+) --/) {
        $last_id = $1;
    next unless $last_id; # Just in case the file doesn't start with an id line

    push @{ $result->{$last_id} }, $line;

use Data::Dumper;
print Dumper $result;

Uses the normal record separator.

Uses $last_id to keep track of the last id row encountered and is set to the next id when another one is encountered. Pushes non-id rows on to an array for the hash key of the last matched id line.

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Thanks. But, I think you need this minor correction: if ( $line !~ /id:\d+ --/ ) { push @{ $result->{$last_id} }, $line; } – neversaint Jan 31 '12 at 5:27
Oops, good catch! Corrected code example. – Victor Bruno Jan 31 '12 at 5:32

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