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I had to move a website on a bluehost server, that is in the Joomla Platform 1.7. I did alot of reasearch on and google and still haven't resloved the issue. I recieve the following error: Infinite loop detected in JError. I went threw the configuration file and made sure that database and user match up with my new database parameters match up and I am still recieving this issue. Thank you. Urgent response will be very helpful. Currently working on this and this is not a good start. :(

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Problem in major case should be he password for your database..Please check again !! –  Rikesh Jan 31 '12 at 5:40

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I have ran into the same issue moving my Joomla site from one server to another. What I learned is the following;

Make sure you look at the parameters in configuration.php. Double check if the following variables in your configuration.php file is correct. (Double Check) You did mention that you already have done so. In that case I am 98% sure that you have an issue dealing with file Attributes with configuration.php. Change the Attributes of configuration.php from 444 to 666.

To get detailed information about the error, open the error.php file located in /libraries/joomla/error/ on your server.

In the following code:

public static function throwError(&$exception)
static $thrown = false;
 // If thrown is hit again, we've come back to  JError in the middle of    
 another JError, so die!
 if ($thrown) {
// echo debug_print_backtrace();

change the line // echo debug_print_backtrace();

to the following:

  echo debug_print_backtrace();

Remember- When you change the parameters in configuration.php to you new database make sure you that configuration.php file attribute is set to 666, Otherwise when you go to save the file it will not change. Try this first.. Good luck.

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this 444 to 666 is not cleat to me. Would you please explain? I am also facing the same problem. –  Alvi_1987 Feb 14 '12 at 12:16

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