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SSH in our country is blocked, So I have to use a forked ssh software called obfuscated-openssh , I installed it in /opt directory in linux OS , How can I force git to use /opt/ob-openssh/bin/ssh not /usr/bin/ssh ?

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Use the GIT_SSH environment variable to point to your version of ssh.

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The easiest way is to set the environment variable GIT_SSH to point at your SSH client.

From the man page:


If this environment variable is set then git fetch and git push will use this command instead of ssh when they need to connect to a remote system. The $GIT_SSH command will be given exactly two arguments: the username@host (or just host) from the URL and the shell command to execute on that remote system.

To pass options to the program that you want to list in GIT_SSH you will need to wrap the program and options into a shell script, then set GIT_SSH to refer to the shell script.

Usually it is easier to configure any desired options through your personal .ssh/config file. Please consult your ssh documentation for further details.

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