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When I install the latest version of erlang R14B04 in EC2 I get an error stating

Fatal error in wait__(): Function not implemented (38)

So When I installed the lower version of Erlang which is R13B03 It got installed in it. But i couldnt install the RIAK 1.x version in it.

Could anyone please help me in this to set up riak cluster on ec2

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i guess you need help from Riak Community/ Riak Mailing List: lists.basho.com/mailman/listinfo/riak-users_lists.basho.com –  Muzaaya Joshua Jan 31 '12 at 6:11
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If you search the stack overflow archives, you will learn that certain CentOS versions doesn't work with R14Bx. You are probably being hit by this problem here. Installing a newer version of CentOS that fixes the problem is probably a good solution.

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