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The question is variable scope in chrome extension. But i also want information for scope between background page and content scripts

I have a background html and a content script

I have declared a global variable in the start of background page say for example seltext

The content script is listening for mouse up events and in that code i want to update seltext

If this is not possible then i am planning to send seltext value from content script to background page by using sendresponse or i can use local storage. I hope the later will be taking more resources.

Since i am not having an clear picture of chrome extension working completely i am having this doubt.

Any type of response could be helpful.

A partial of what i wanted can be found here

how to comunicate between a content script and a background page

yet detailed information reference about variable scope in chrome extension would be nice.

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Context isn't shared between the background page and content script. sendRequest is the way to go.

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You can set a setter and a getter for seltext in background page and use chrome-rpc in content scripts to call seltext's setter and getter for accessing seltext.

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