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Hi I'm developing an application for iPhone and I am looking for a shopping api or something similar that will allow me to send the location of the user and then get back all the nearby deals and map out the results. I looked at the google shopping api and it didn't seem to have the ability to search by location as well so I can't use that I don't think. If anyone has any suggestions then it would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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Try to refer developer sites of ebay and amazon ! They have huge amount of references ! – Chintan Feb 10 '12 at 13:26
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I have been researching it more and it looks like I found a couple of good solutions for this.

mphoria seems to be a good solution, I signed up for their developer API and they offer deals based on latitude and longitude and also send a lot of other useful information so I think I may go with them. As far as I can tell they don't have any limits on how many times it can be used per hour but I may be wrong and I need to research it now.

8Coupons is another site that seems to offer the same but it looks like they have a limit of 100 uses per hour so I am going to go with mphoria for now and see if it works out. I'll update this with what I find so that anyone else searching for the same thing as me can be helped out.

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Get data from Retailigence and mash that up with Google Maps.

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