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In a asmx webservice i use with c# class library project after adding the web reference to the project which exposes the WebMethods inside the service there are multiple method names for example,

In my service i have a webmethod named GetCategories but the intellisense also shows GetCategoriesAsync

Is this a asynchronous call to the same webmethod? If so how can i invoke this asynchronous method any examples ?

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You can call the method the same as you call the regular method, you should also sign up a function to the method completion event so that upon a response you could continue the proccess.

this is an example I found

protected void Button1_Click
(object sender, EventArgs e)
     BookSupplier1.WebService1 supplier1 = new BookSupplier1.WebService1();

     supplier1.GetCostCompleted += new BookSupplier1.GetCostCompletedEventHandler(supplier1_GetCostCompleted);

     supplier1.GetCostAsync(TextBox1.Text, BulletedList1);


void supplier1_GetCostCompleted(object sender, BookSupplier1.GetCostCompletedEventArgs e)
     if (e.Error != null)
         throw e.Error;
     BulletedList list = (BulletedList)e.UserState;
     list.Items.Add("Quote from BookSupplier1 : " + e.Result.ToString("C"));

Example Link

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+1 for the code and example –  Deeptechtons Jan 31 '12 at 6:59
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