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Where can I find J2EE application's deployment date and time in websphere application server's admin console?

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I don't believe the install date is explicitly recorded anywhere. However, as an unsupported trick, you can use the timestamps that are embedded in the configuration ids in deployment.xml. Looking at PROFILE_HOME/config/cells/cell/applications/APP.ear/deployments/APP/deployment.xml, the root element will look something like:

<appdeployment:Deployment xmi:version="2.0" xmlns:xmi="" xmlns:appdeployment="" 

The suffix of xmi:id is System.currentTimeMillis():

$ perl -e 'print scalar(localtime(1326844745277 / 1000)), "\n"'
Tue Jan 17 17:59:05 2012
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If you can access the file system, just check the date for the ear file/folder.

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