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I now have a demand that is, for a given speech file, like TOEFL listening or celebrities speech English, is it possible to realize the automatic conversion, text, and automatic segmentation, intercept point in time? Is there any readily available API calls?

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there are many api available for speech to text

Java Speech Api

Speech recognition provides computers with the ability to listen to spoken language and determine what has been said. In other words, it processes audio input containing speech by converting it to text.

refer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_Speech_API

Accessing Google Speech API / Chrome 11

one really interesting new feature- support for the HTML5 speech input API. This means that you'll be able to talk to your computer, and Chrome will be able to interpret it

refer http://mikepultz.com/2011/03/accessing-google-speech-api-chrome-11/

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