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I have 2 EXEs in VB 6. EXE 1 calls the other EXE2 through shell command

EXE1 : Shell(PathName\EXE2,0)

Now all I want is to pass a string type variable to EXE2 which I wish to receive in that EXE2. How can I achieve the same?

Thanks in advance

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Simply append the string (possibly quoted) to the end of the filename:

Shell("""PathName.exe"" wibble", vbNormalFocus)


Shell("""PathName.exe"" ""wibble"" ""wibble 2""", vbNormalFocus)

This value can then be read in the other application using the Command$() function which will include everything after the path name and space, including any quotes around the parameters (e.g. "wibble" "wibble 2").

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