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I create a threadpoolexecutor in a spring bean, so I need to shutdown this executor when tomcat is shutdown.

     public class PersistBO implements InitializingBean {

private ThreadPoolExecutor executer;

public void shutdownExecutor() {

public void afterPropertiesSet() throws Exception {
    taskQueue = new LinkedBlockingQueue<Runnable>(queueLength);
    executer = new ThreadPoolExecutor(minThread, maxThread, threadKeepAliveTime, 
            TimeUnit.SECONDS, taskQueue, new ThreadPoolExecutor.DiscardOldestPolicy());

I have searched solution on google and get a result. That is to add a shutdownhook to java.lang.runtime. However, the java docs says java.lang.Runtime#shutdownHook is called when the last non-daemon thread exits. So it is a dead lock. Is there any solution to shutdown executor in spring bean?

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Your pool can also use deamon threads, if you provide it with right thread factory. –  Peter Štibraný Jan 31 '12 at 9:50

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I guess lifecycle of the executor should depend on lifecycle of your application, not Tomcat as a whole. You can stop your application while Tomcat is still running, therefore Runtime.shutdownHook() is not applicable.

Since you already use Spring and its InitializingBean for initialization, you can use DispasableBean to perform cleanup when application context is being closed:

public class PersistBO implements InitializingBean, DisposableBean { 
    public void destroy() {
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Use the Runtime to add a shutdown hook. Here's a very good tutorial by Heinz Kabutz: http://www.roseindia.net/javatutorials/hooking%20_into_the_shutdown_call.shtml

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but the java docs says java.lang.Runtime#shutdownHook is called when the last non-daemon thread exits. Will it is a dead lock? –  Simon Lin Jan 31 '12 at 8:40

You can implement your own javax.servlet.ServletContextListener to be notified when your application is being shutdown and shutdown the pool from the listener.

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Use the @Predestroy annotation on your shutdown method on the bean. this will result in spring calling this method when context is shutting down

Check if there is some executor service has a thread running in background. you can shutdown an executor by calling executor.shutdownNow().

also see http://taranmeet.com/jvm-not-shutting-down-on-spring-context-close/

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