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I'm using a wordpress for this http://pacelinegroup.com/

As you can see at sidebar under sponsors theres a line that overlaps at the page. It's the gray line

I edited this part using inspect element and changed the element.style to width:0px it worked and the gray line was gone, but the thing is i dont know how to do it in wordpress. How can i edit that using css or whatever possible

I also tried editing style.css in wordpress using this

div.ngg.slideshow.widget{ }


.div.ngg.slideshow.widget{ }

Didn't work either. Please help me how to fix this. Btw this is nextgengallery

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Sorry i can't get that thing to reproduce. Can you please have a screeshot –  Sabari Jan 31 '12 at 8:52
Using the source code, I have found out that you are using a theme called TheSource by Elegant Themes. With Elegant Themes framework, you can use their Custom CSS box within their theme option settings to apply the requisite CSS modifications without hurting the style.css file. It should do the trick. –  Ali Gajani Jul 25 '12 at 3:28

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