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I have a different sets of vectors for an object. These vectors are different and are extracted from a particular shape. I want to train my Neural Network in matlab to recognize this particular shape. So that when I input another different vectors of similarity of that particular object, the neural network is able to differentiate and output either '1' or '0'

I am new to this neural network stuffs and I hope that someone could give me some valuable pointers.

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You might wnat to take a look at the documentation that comes with the neural network toolbox which contains loads of examples. –  jpjacobs Jan 31 '12 at 13:59

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First of all have a look to this pdf explaining the Neural Network Toolbox.

Here you can download a tutorial on pattern recognition with neural networks with matlab.

I hope this helps on your task.

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To understand machine learning concepts in general and neural networks in particular, this resource will be usefull www.ml-class.org

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