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Suppose I have a url


And I want to redirect this to


This extra-part should only be in url, And should not be considered for URL handling of Catalyst.

I found that, we can inherit/override prepare_path method for this but I couldn't use it properly.

I found this link for that : Catalyst Wiki

But still help needed.

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Inside of lib/MyApp.pm I have a function prepare_path that looks like this:

sub prepare_path {
  my $c = shift;

  $c->maybe::next::method( @_ ) ;
  my $base_uri_prefix = $c->config->{base_uri_prefix} ;
  my @path_chunks = split m[/], $c->request->path, -1;

  if (@path_chunks && $path_chunks[0] eq $base_uri_prefix ) {
    shift @path_chunks ;

    # Create modified request path from any remaining path chunks:
    my $path = join( '/' , @path_chunks ) || '/' ;

    # Stuff modified request path back into request:
    $c->request->path( $path ) ;
  } else {
    # Modify the path part of the URI to look as if it had a prefix:
    $c->request->uri->path( "$base_uri_prefix/" . $c->request->path ) ;

And in myapp.conf is defined:

base_uri_prefix   extra-part
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I did tried this and it didn't work...that's the problem?...the url is not changing....Also..what does $c->maybe::next::method does?? Can you explain?? –  drt Jan 31 '12 at 12:34
@PERLDev This is not the exact code that you linked above. This $c->maybe::next::method( @_ ); calls prepare_path in Catalyst base classes and works for Catalyst 5.8. –  dgw Jan 31 '12 at 15:32
"$c->res->redirect" required instead of "$c->request->uri->path( "$base_uri_prefix/" . $c->request->path ) ;" –  drt Feb 2 '12 at 7:02
@PERLDev It works for me this way, but I'll try it l8r & report back. –  dgw Feb 2 '12 at 8:31

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