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consider a nested loop:

for i from 1 to n
    do c operations;
  end while
end for

to compute num of operations I need to know how many iterations in the while loop first, I figured that(probably wrong): k=i,k=floor[1/2*i],k=floor[1/4]....k=floor[(1/2)^j*i],k=1. I know the last k will always be 1 right? and the num of operation within the while loop is j+1? and I don't know how to solve j. Can someone help?

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while loop loops for log(i) times. so inside one iteration of the for i loop, c * log(i) operations are done. so in total:

c*log(1) + c*log(2) + c*log(3) + ... + c*log(n)

In case you need the asymptotic runtime: that is O(n log (n)).

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