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Various JavaScript libraries, such as jQuery UI, offer drag-and-drop interactions where you can constrain the movement of the dragged element to a single axis, or within a particular area.

Is this sort of thing possible using the native HTML5 drag and drop API?

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Linking to w3schools should be regarded as a felony. –  artistoex Nov 14 at 9:03

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It's totally different! The jQuery UI drag and drop make element move (with top and left CSS properties) in the page.

The native HTML5 drag and drop API only allow you to move a "ghost" of the draggable element (of course, you can hide the original element while dragging the ghost).

The API come with a lot of event but no, you can't constrain mouse position so you can't constrain to a single axis (cause the ghost follow the mouse position, even if the mouse leave the page (but event may probably stop operate)).

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+1, I updated the link from W3Schools to MDN to avoid this becoming the topic of the question. –  Simon Arnold Nov 14 at 15:18
I never linked to W3schools, that was someone who edited my question. This site is lame. –  callum Nov 14 at 18:28

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