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Did anyone integrated Amobee SDK into Android application on ActionScript or Java? I have AmobeeTracking.jar file, I have to write native extention to integrate Amobee SDK into Adobe AIR application for Android. But I don't know what to really write. Can anyone help me with this or assist me with some documentation? http://amobee.com/ Thanks.

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I have solved this issue in such a way:

  1. You need to add to your java native extention project Amobee.jar file, to make classes visible to have oportunity to write code.
  2. After you have a complete nativeExt.jar file - you need to make nativeExt.ane file from it, but it will not include Amobee.jar file into it. So to make all ok, you need to do with Amobee.jar - next that writed in this article: How to add third-party jar files into my android application jar file? . Thats all.
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