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I want to put text in a block, and design a custom scroll bar that will scroll the text in that very block. (while not scrolling forever, and I want the text to be scrolled with ease.)

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do you mean 'easing'? – Timothy Groote Jan 31 '12 at 11:21
Yea, like.. when people will scroll, i want the text to move fast at first but then kind of slow down until it stops, yea I guess easing :) – Don Jan 31 '12 at 13:02

Sounds like you want to make an eased animation. Check out TweenMax. It's a great tweening library for AS2 and AS3. There are many out there but this is a popular one.

It allows you to tween things like so (AS3 example):

//Scroll the textBox upward when the user clicks the scrollDownButton
function onScrollDownButtonClick(e:MouseEvent):void
  //, tweenDurationInSeconds, tweenArguments);, 0.5, {
    //Tween properties on the textBox like the y position
    y: textBox.y - 50,

    //Specify easing through an Easing class, which has methods to:
    //easeIn, easeOut, and easeInOut (these are packaged with TweenMax)
    ease: Expo.easeOut
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