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I am trying to add "custom" validation messages for the parameters called in a Controller method, per specific method (not in the global list of messages)

I found how to do that in a simple case, like:

@Required(message="error.shouldspecifyname") String username

I wonder if I can do a similar trick with validators having parameters.

So, I would like to convert

@Equals("passwordRepeat") String password

to something like

@Equals("passwordRepeat", message="error.passwordsshouldmatch")

What's the correct syntax?

Thanks in advance.

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As explained in the Javadocs, @Equals accepts the message parameter. Thus, you just need to write:

@Equals(value="passwordRepeat", message="error.passwordsshouldmatch")

(when you only specify one argument in an annotation, it means that you are defining the property value of this annotation)

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