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i have a form with first name, last name, college, and gender. i want them to be inserted to my table in my db but at the same time it will record a username that is derived from a concatenated value from the input college and last name.

fields in form: firstname, lastname, college, gender

fields in table: firstname, lastname, college, gender, username

here is my code:


$sql="INSERT INTO name (fname, lname, college, gender, username)

('$_POST[fname]','$_POST[lname]','$_POST[gender]','$_POST[college]', '$_POST[".$college."". $lastname."]')";

'$_POST[".$college."". $lastname."]' <--this is the supposed to be username.

im sorry for this elementary question and my confusing way of asking. Thanks !!

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SQL Injection alert! –  kapa Jan 31 '12 at 11:35

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Use this :

$userName = $_POST['college'].''.$_POST['lastname'];
$sql="INSERT INTO name (fname, lname, college, gender, username) VALUES
('$_POST[fname]','$_POST[lname]','$_POST[gender]','$_POST[college]', '$userName')";

Hope this will help you.

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There is no point in storing such a username in the table.
You can (and should) compose it any time you need it from first name and last name

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You could also use:

$sql="INSERT INTO name (fname, lname, college, gender, username)

  ( '$_POST[fname]', '$_POST[lname]', '$_POST[gender]', '$_POST[college]',
    CONCAT(college, lname)

But as @Col. Shrapnel pointed, there is rarely a good reason for storing such information (twice) in the database.

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$college.$lastname is what you're looking for

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