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These days I am doing my FYP with Google Map API and Fusion table. This moment, I want to add the data from Fusion table to the Google Map. But according to this web page:

It tells me to get the table id from the URL. But the URL of my table is: docid=1jjK5Y_yRpEuQs6W0MkoeMGVP8TqyESm9OxyF4p8&hl=en_GB

How could I get the table id? And if you have another way to get the data from Fusion table to the Google Map, please tell me immediately.

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Goto File, About and take Numeric ID: xxxx Cheers!

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I believe in most cases now when using the maps API in conjunction with Fusion Tables you'll want to use the encrypted ID. In January, Google announced the numeric ID would be deprecated.

You can find it by going to File --> About in the classic view of Fusion Tables, or File --> About this table in the experimental view.

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If you have the numeric id (Ex: 1499916) DEPRECACTED, as said before.

You can still query fusion tables with the dsrcid parameter.

(Deprecated, Less Secure, etc...)

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