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I'd like to manage width of my columns in a table personally, but after resizing them from the code, I cannot figure out a way to prevent user from resizing them manually. I found out that QTableView has the columnResized() slot, and the only ways to do it I see are either subclassing QTableWidget or resizing columns again and again on the timer event.

Might there be an easier way?

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It can be done using :

void QHeaderView::setSectionResizeMode (ResizeMode mode)
void QHeaderView::setSectionResizeMode (int logicalIndex, ResizeMode mode)

The horizontal header is reachable from a QTableWidget using horizontalHeader().

This is it:

ui->tMeal->horizontalHeader()->setSectionResizeMode (QHeaderView::Fixed);

Note that legacy (Qt4) applications should use setResizeMode().

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