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I need my macro to input the following formula:

Worksheets("U_NEDC_COLD_online_0").Cells(3, A).formula = "=IF(" & Worksheets (U_NEDC_COLD_online_0).Cells(3, AA).Value & "=" & Worksheets(U_NEDC_COLD_online).Cells(3, AA).Value & ";" & Worksheets(U_NEDC_COLD_online).Cells(3, A).Value & ";" & Worksheets(U_NEDC_COLD_online_0).Cells(3, A).Value & ")"

I've also tried the same formula with the ".Address" property and it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?

The final formula should look like this:

=IF($AA3 = U_NEDC_COLD_online!$AA3; U_NEDC_COLD_online!A3; U_NEDC_COLD_online_0!A3)

PS: Worksheets("U_NEDC_COLD_online_0") is not the same as Worksheets(U_NEDC_COLD_online_0). (its not a typo)


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Exactly what in the Address property does not work? –  GSerg Jan 31 '12 at 12:15
I get the same "Run time error '1004' " –  Ionut S Jan 31 '12 at 12:28

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  1. Use commas instead of semicolons to separate the arguments of the IF statement.

  2. Your formula appears to have a circular relationship; the formula is going into cell A3 and references cell A3... I'll leave that to you to work out.

  3. Always use Option Explicit. Once you put that line at the top of your module, you'll get the error: Variable not defined for the variables: A, AA, and possibly U_NEDC_COLD_online and U_NEDC_COLD_online_0 that you probably intended to use as string literals. (see next bullet for a workaround)

  4. If U_NEDC_COLD_online_0 is truly a variable/constant name and is not equal to the string literal that you use elsewhere (e.g. U_NEDC_COLD_online_0), you should really change the variable name to something else!

  5. If the only reason you are dynamically building the formula is to accommodate variable row indexes, use this where the 3 can be replaced by a variable:

    Worksheets("U_NEDC_COLD_online_0").Cells(3, 1).Formula = "=IF($AA" & 3 & "=" & "U_NEDC_COLD_online!AA" & 3 & ", U_NEDC_COLD_online!A" & 3 & ", A" & 3 & ")"

  6. If you don't even need variable row indexes, just use this:

    Worksheets("U_NEDC_COLD_online_0").Range(A3).Formula = "=IF($AA3=U_NEDC_COLD_online!AA3, U_NEDC_COLD_online!A3, A3)"

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Thanks! It works fine. I had to use , instead of ; –  Ionut S Feb 1 '12 at 8:18

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