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I currently have a Module impl that uses the following binding:

binder.bindInterceptor(Matchers.any(), Matchers.any(),
    new WidgetInterceptor());

I want to be able to programmatically toggle this functionality on/off, and here's what I've cooked up:

private boolean widgetInterceptionEnabled = true;

public void configure(Binder binder) {
    Matcher<Object> matcher = null;
        matcher = Matchers.any();
        matcher = Matchers.not(Matchers.any());

    binder.bindInterceptor(Matchers.any(), matcher,
        new WidgetInterceptor());

Is this the correct way to tell Guice not to match anything? Or am I using the API wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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Wouldn't this be simpler?:

public void configure(Binder binder) {

        binder.bindInterceptor(Matchers.any(), Matchers.any(),
            new WidgetInterceptor());

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Yup! Always nice to have a fresh perspective! –  IAmYourFaja Jan 31 '12 at 15:49

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