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Making a GET request with the python module Requests ends up with strange url:

>>> import requests
>>> r = requests.get("")
>>> print r.url

This url ends with an error 400. But using RestKit for the same url, the final_url return the correct value:

>>> import restkit
>>> r = restkit.request("", follow_redirect=True)
>>> print r.final_url

What is the problem with Requests ?

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Using curl and following three 301 redirections, some HTML is finally retrieved. – user647772 Jan 31 '12 at 12:49

It will work properly if you install the current master branch from instead of the latest tagged release.

Requests is incorrectly quoting the tildes in the last URL. Instead of requesting it is requesting

I can reproduce this with the latest Requests release (0.10.1) but it seems to be fixed in the unreleased master (and develop) branch.

The commit that fixed this bug was

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Works here:

In [6]: import requests

In [7]: r = requests.get("")

In [8]: r
Out[8]: <Response [200]>

In [9]: print r.url
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