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I need to manipulate each pixel of an image in rmagick. I am doing this in IRB(interactive ruby) This is what I have:

require 'Rmagick'
include Magick
f =,100)
f.display #so far so good. A 100x100 white image is displayed

f.each_pixel {|pixel, c, r| = 0}
f.display #the image is still white. It should really be a shade of blue.

What am I doing wrong?

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The thing is, the array you get back from each_pixel is a new dataset. The data needs to be stored back to the image.

Use get_pixels and store_pixels instead:

img ='img.jpg').first
pixels = img.get_pixels(0,0,img.columns,img.rows)

for pixel in pixels
    avg = ( + + / 3 = avg = avg = avg

img.store_pixels(0,0, img.columns, img.rows, pixels)
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Ha! Forgot about this, googled the same problem, and found this :) Thanks again Bryce :) – Cort3z Apr 6 '14 at 11:26

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