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I would like to investigate OpenAdaptor. I found class


that has main method. But eclipse doesn't understand it and display message - cannot find main. Does it import not correct (imported from file system) or need change something? Thanks.

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Can you describe in more detail what you've done? – E-Riz Feb 1 '12 at 4:19
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I should be pretty easy to launch adaptors from within eclipse. SpringAdaptor is the correct class.

Create a new Run Configuration from within Eclipse

(main tab) Set your main class to org.openadaptor.spring.SpringAdaptor (config tab)

supply the name of the adaptor config(s) you want -config xml-reader.xml

(your classpath should include the openadaptor libs (e.g. something ike openadaptor.jar,openadaptor-spring.jar,openadaptor-depends.jar)... In my case I reference the openadaptor classes from within eclipse as I work with the code directly so my classpath is slightly different.

I hope this is of use. Regards Eddy (I'm one of the developers of openadaptor)

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