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I need some similar to Telerik control because this control have problem in opera. Thanks in advance.

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Have you looked at Uploadify?

Uploadify is a jQuery plugin that integrates a fully-customizable multiple file upload utility on your website

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Uploadify is a great multiple file uploader. It was built off of the popular SWFUpload and they added new features to it.

Some of the features that I have found most helpful are:

The user can upload all the files at once using ctrl + clicking on all of the files

As the files are being downloaded a queue is displayed which shows the files being downloaded including a completeion bar.

As files are completed they are removed from the queue

It also allows you to specify which file types the user is able to download (they can only see the ones you choose)

The main downfall is that it is a flash uploader if that is a problem for you.

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I personally use Plupload as it has some great options.

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