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If I enter bash -x option, it will show all the line. But the script will execute normaly.

How can I execute line by line? Than I can see if it do the correct thing, or I abort and fix the bug. The same effect is put a read in every line.

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You don't need to put a read in everyline, just add a trap like the following into your bash script, it has the effect you want, eg.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -x
trap read debug


Works, just tested it with bash v4.2.8 and v3.2.25.

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Then how do you step to the next line (run the next command)? –  David Doria Mar 11 at 19:52
It traps a read on every command. Only thing you need to do is pressing return to get to the next command –  organic-mashup Mar 11 at 20:10

That's likely the only way to go, there are some more elegant solutions to that such as


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Maybe the BASH Debugger is something for you.

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